The battery law differentiates between three battery types

  • “portable batteries” are batteries, which are sealed and can be hand-carried. Industrial and automotive batteries are not portable batteries
  • “industrial batteries” are all batteries for exclusively industrial, commercial or agricultural purposes. An industrial battery can also be used in electric vehicles such as e-bikes or hybrid cars.
  • “automotive battery” means any battery used for automotive starter, lighting or ignition power.

The manufacturer of all battery types has to register these batteries with the correct brand and battery type at the authority (Stiftung ear) before placing them on the market.

Manufacturers of portable batteries are obligated, to take back waste portable batteries at no charge and nationwide, which were collected at distributors or local collection points. In order to fulfil this take-back obligation, the producer has to participate in a take-back scheme approved by §7 of the battery law. The take-back scheme implements take-back and recycling of waste batteries, and reaches the legally demanded collection rate of at least 50 % from reporting year 2021 onwards.

Manufacturers of industrial batteries and automotive batteries are obligated to take back waste batteries. They have to offer a take-back solution at no cost and reasonably convenient, and recycle these according §14.