Green Initiatives, a registered partnership firm for waste management, was established in 2017 to meet the disposal services to the Visakhapatnam and nearby districts.

Green Initiatives is one stop solution for any kind of waste – paper, plastics, metals, grass, debris (building constructions material), electrical & electronics, batteries, tube lights, clothes, shoes, toys, wood, furniture etc. A good disposal channel for developed for proper treatment of any material.

Our e-waste handling centre is an environmental solution and a business revenue concept with employment. This project is an outsourcing model where equal participation of the organized and unorganized sector is ensured to make the e-waste management business a profitable one. The major segregated materials from e-waste include metals, glass and plastic parts can be managed through the conventional recycling practices used in municipality waste management by organized smelters and re-processors. 

Green Initiatives concentrates on collection, disassembly, segregation, transport & treatment. The firm has made an agreement with Urban Local Body for setting up facility and it is done with basic infrastructure. The firm would handle all types of electrical and electronics, Tube Lights, batteries etc.